Precision Training Soccer Skills Net - 30 High x 8ft

September 16, 2018

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Precision Training Soccer Skills Net - 30  High x 8ft

Brand : Precision Training
Binding : Misc.
Color :
EAN : 5053810005265
Label : Precision Training
Product Group : Sports
Product Type Name : SPORTING_GOODS
Manufacturer : Precision Training

Estimated Price : £49.00

List Price : £49.00
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  • Supplied with a bag~
  • Ideal for head tennis and one-touch tennis.~
  • Helps improve skills in training sessions.~
  • Height approx. 30".~
  • Mini collapsible net similar to a tennis court net.~

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Precision Training Soccer Skills Net - 30 High x 8ft. #Precision #Training #Soccer #Skills soccer ball, soccer toys for boys, soccer goal, soccer socks, soccer hover ball, soccer ball size 4, soccer toys, soccer ball size 5, soccer toys for kids, soccer ball size 3

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