Giant Inflatable Football

June 11, 2018

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Giant Inflatable Football

Brand : Oliphant
Binding : Toy
Color :
EAN : 5060318633593
Label : Oliphant
Product Group : Toy
Product Type Name : TOYS_AND_GAMES
Manufacturer : Oliphant

Estimated Price : £16.99

List Price : £16.99
Price subject to change without prior notice
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  • Deflated the ball can be stored in a small space, ideal for travelling.~
  • Games are not limited to football - beach ball and volleyball can also be played using the Giant Inflatable Football.~
  • The Giant Inflatable Football inflates to 107cm high.~
  • Playing football on the beach, the park or in the garden has just become enormous fun and enormous in size.~
  • Giant Inflatable Football~

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Giant Inflatable Football
Giant Inflatable Football
Giant Inflatable Football

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